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Max de Lafayette is an acclaimed international authority on food and beverage, hospitality, hotels management, operational strategies and business development.

Melina Mercouri called him "THE PRINCE OF WORLD HOSPITALITY AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION". Eve Zibart in The Washington Post wrote about his legendary establishment  "Le Marquis de Rochambeau": "Hottest spot in town...The last refuge of the clever." Raymond Loire, President of Foreign Press Correspondents Syndicate, Le Moyen Orient and President of Election Miss Universe (Georgina Rizk) Committee wrote: "De Lafayette added class, glamour, magic and outstanding hospitality service to our world event." Janet Green, director of The White House Operations (President Bill Clinton's Administration) wrote: "Maximillien is the best of the best. Period." And DETAILS Magazine in 1995 in its Annual Special Edition (COVER STORY) of the 300 BEST SPOTS OF THE AMERICAN CONTINENT, selected his establishment as one of the 300 best establishments in America!  Paul Condon, NOKIA Vice President of Sales stated: "Max is too much. Simply brilliant!"


Max de Lafayette, is one of America's  most prolific writers and authors on hotels business development, food and beverage, leadership, hospitality and guest service.  He authored 97 published books and encyclopedias  widely used by world councils, multi-million Dollar corporations, information bureaus, speakers bureaus, universities, international research centers,  academia and world organizations, to name a few: California State University, New York Public Library System (all locations), University of Virginia, Randolph-Macon College, University of Salamanka, The University of Hong Kong, The United States Library of Congress, the United Nations, the United States Information Agency, the national center of the five o'clock club (America's Leading national speakers club).

For several years, de Lafayette was the creative force of several companies, major international hotels and food/beverage festivals in the eastern and western hemispheres. He generated over $250 Millions in revenues, sales and profits. In addition, he trained the best corporate executives and general managers in the business.

He is the only American author, scholar and hospitality senior executive to be listed in ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA. BOOK.





To name a few: 1-American Library Association, Book Review 2-American Books Reference, Book Review 3-Books in Print, Gale Research, NY 4-Forthcoming Books, R.R. Bowker, NY 5-The WASHINGTON POST (Cover Story: On The Town. Weekend Section by Eve Zibart) 6-The WASHINGTON POST (Feature Article. Weekend Section by Eve Zibart) 7-The WASHINGTON POST (Cover Story, 5 page article-Style Section by Martha Merrill) 8-The UNAUTHORIZED GUIDE TO WASHINGTON, D.C., McMillan Publishers, New York 9-USA TODAY (Cover Story: Food and Live Entertainment) 10-WHERE MAGAZINE (Cover Story) 11-WGAY Radio Station, Washington, D.C. (Main Story on the Air by Lisa Webber) 12-DETAILS MAGAZINE (Cover Story of the Year: The 300 Best Spots in America) 13-WASHINGTONIAN MAGAZINE (Cover Story-3 page article by Sheri D’Alphonse) 14- WASHINGTONIAN MAGAZINE (Cover Story-The 25 Most Favorite Places in Town) 15-WRC-NBC by Lisa Feldman 16-GUIDE TO THE BEST CHOICES IN THE NATION ( The Nation’s Best) 17-UNIVERSITY REPORTER, Washington, D.C. (Cover Story) 18-Virginia International Public Television, Channel 56 (Documentary: The Cabaret in Georgetown) 19-FREE PRESS, Washington, D.C. (Editorial by Clyde Brinkley) 20-TRANSMEDIA NETWORK NEWS, (National Coverage-WHAT’S HOT) 21-GEORGETOWNER MAGAZINE, Washington, D.C. (Cover Story by R. de Vaney) 22-WASHINGTON’S FLYER, Washington, D.C. (Cover Story) 23-IL TEMPO JOURNALE, Rome, Italy (Review by Dina Diza, Washington, D.C. Correspondent)  24-GEORGETOWN COURIER, Washington, D.C. (Vive La Difference) 25-The WASHINGTON POST/Washington Post Magazine : Entertainment/Cabaret Section.






In 1990, de Lafayette created, designed "MARQUIS DE ROCHAMBEAU", one of America's most elegant, sophisticated & successful French-American floor show-catering-cabaret-restaurants. The Washington Post's Eve Zibart wrote "The hottest spot in town…the last refuge for the clever". DETAILS Magazine in its cover story, selected "Le Rochambeau" as among the "300 Best Spots in America". The Washingtonian Magazine selected it as "Among the 25 favorite places". For almost 7 consecutive years, de Lafayette's "Rochambeau" made headlines in the national press. His 6 Million Dollar décor, 5 star menu, his $10,000 a bottle on the wine list (As mentioned in the "Washington Flyer Magazine" cover story), his executive chef M. Shanta (US National Culinary Champion 1994-1995), 7 night a week international French & American cabaret show that gathered European & American superstars, weekly Tango Argentino & Brazilian Samba Shows, Concerts by Bolero Tres, Mambo King, France's Great Jean Pierre Duclay, the legendary Super Star Simone Marchand, and of course the magic and genius of de Lafayette transformed "Le Rochambeau" into America's leading first 5 star Cabaret-Floor Show-Restaurant!



De Lafayette has served the hospitality industry, hotels, resorts, and culinary arts for two decades.  His many years of extensive experience and leadership at national/international level in the United States, Europe and Asia and exposure to world’s communities and culture secured his status as the foremost leading authority on hospitality industry development , food service and world tourism. His services were rendered to world class (4 and 5 stars) hotels, casinos, resorts, national and international beauty pageants and establishments such as the Intercontinental Hotel, the Excelsior Hotel, the CIGA International Hotels Group, the Ambassador Hotel, the Hilton, the Grand Hotel, Le Marquis de Rochambeau, including international hotels and restaurants chains where he was responsible for 87 million Dollars annual budget and 250 million Dollars in assets, properties and stocks. He is the original creator of "Team Mastery & Potential Stimulus Concept" used world wide as guidelines and criteria for excellence and quality standards in hospitality and related disciplines.



De Lafayette authored several published books and encyclopedias on hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos and food services. His five international bestseller books on the hospitality industry "Quality Standards and Measurements in the Hospitality Industry and Guests Services" ,"Hotel Management and Operational Structure", "Hospitality Effective Team Mastery and Potentials Development in Hospitality", "The Perfect CEO", "How to Succeed in the Hotel and Restaurant Business" set the standards for excellence and leadership in hospitality. De La Croix de Lafayette’s experience encompasses all aspects and facets of the hospitality industry, particularly upper management, executive operations, macro decisions, food & beverage, productivity development, personnel and executives hiring and training. His massive work "How To Succeed In The Hotel Business And Food Service" has become "The Textbook on hospitality. The ultimate reference manual and guide for hotels owners, general managers, senior directors of operations and directors of human resources. No hospitality reference library is complete without this book... a wealth of information, knowledge, insight and wisdom not currently available elsewhere gathered and provided by a great scholar and America’s leading authority on hospitality," wrote Dr. John C. Chen, Laureate of the UNESCO/United Nations, former dean of Alabama State University and former member of the White House Committee on Library Science and Information, Washington, D.C.

Equally impressive is his impeccable knowledge of food, beverage management and operations at a national and international level. He has trained hundreds of chefs worldwide. Among his students we gladly recognize France’s great Andre Duclos and M. Shanta who seized the Gold Medal-First Place (The Blue Ribbon) Category Best Chef at the national culinary arts contest of the American Culinary Federation in 1994 in Washington D.C. The media constantly wrote at length about de Lafayette’s 5-star Cordon Bleu, state-of-the-art menu, creativity, presentation and hospitality leadership.



Culture, education and passion for the arts and languages (He is fluent in 7 languages) played a paramount role in his life and especially in his corporate arena, in the positions and responsibilities he assumed in the hospitality industry and culinary world. In a 4 page article in The Washington Post (1995) by Martha Sherrill, it was reported that he had required from all his employees and new recruits (especially Chefs) to attend special educational hospitality training programs particularly designed to "educate" them on music, protocol, etiquette, arts even Opera, in order to provide his hotels and restaurants guests with a better guest's service, "social savoir faire toward ladies" and elegance and "class" in food presentation! De Lafayette's published work, books and encyclopedias occupied the highest place of honor in academia and hospitality industry and currently are used as a criteria/standard for excellence in hotels, casinos, resorts and restaurants operation, management and leadership development as well as a standard/high performance-quality training tool for students and executives to help them in assuming leading positions in the hospitality industry. According to the Information/References Center of the National Library of Canada, he is found and quoted in 5,055 documents worldwide! Visit the National Library and National Archives of Canada/Government of Canada website. In addition, he is frequently quoted, listed and used as an authoritative reference on" international success, international excellence, higher education, hospitality and business leadership" in national and international public speeches and seminars given by United States eminent speakers to fortune 500 companies and America's leading corporations, as well as at 487 books sellers, books distributors/publishers and at approx. 9,763 world's leading institutions, colleges, universities and centers of learning, to name a few: Carnegie Foundation, George Washington University, University of Virginia, University of Salamanca, University of Hong Kong, Oxford, Randolph Macon College, United States Department of Education, United Nations, United States Library of Congress,,,,,,, etc.


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