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purpose.gif (6664 bytes)
star.gif (251 bytes)To identify, define, establish and preserve the highest level of hospitality professionalism, ethics, excellence and quality standards in guest services.

star.gif (251 bytes)     To promote sound hospitality business practices and procedures.

star.gif (251 bytes)     To provide effective & constructive hospitality and food professional orientation programs to peers and personnel at all level and in all departments.

star.gif (251 bytes)     To assist corporations staff in developing their knowledge, skills & potentials.

star.gif (251 bytes)     To provide peers with an interface between hospitality, professional training, education and culture.

star.gif (251 bytes)     To establish nationally recognized guests services standards, protocol and quality assurance.

star.gif (251 bytes)     To establish, promote and implement quality measurements & evaluation systems for the hospitality assessment and control quality in products, equipment, operations, information,  resources, risk management, health, sanitation, food/beverage, properties management, employees compensation and rights and guests services.

star.gif (251 bytes)     To recognize the accomplishments and services of all those who contribute to the better advancement of hospitality, food and beverage and culinary arts.


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We hope that through our seminars, training courses, orientation programs and advisory/consulting services we will succeed in:

Helping executives and staff reach the highest next level in hospitality services. Employees motivation.

Recruiting, training & hiring the right people for the right place in the hospitality industry and culinary arts.

Talents recognition. Greater job satisfaction.

Leadership development. Productivity enhancement.

Guests satisfaction. Improving work place environment.







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